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my name is caroline and this blog is mostly about teen wolf.

hardcore stydia shipper (just in case that isn't obvious).

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teen wolf meme: [4/7] heartbreaking moments » 3.24 the divine move

teen wolf meme: [3/7] heartbreaking moments » 3.23 insatiable

teen wolf meme: [2/7] heartbreaking moments » 2.09 party guessed

teen wolf meme: [1/7] heartbreaking moments » 2.09 party guessed

What if it just gets worse. What if it’s  a g o n y  now and then… then it’s just  h e l l  later on?

« i love it when you make gifsets. i die from it. » — stydixa

love you adie <3

« are there any urls you're wanting to give away? your saved url page is amazing and I just wanted to see which ones you're dying to give away under the teen wolf and marvel categories! » — ravendaarkholme

I’m glad you liked it! I’ll give away any of them, except those with the (x) 

((but i will only give it to those who will actually use it))

teen wolf meme

(6/6) scenes » malia & kira in ‘the dark moon’

teen wolf meme

(5/6) scenes » stiles & lydia in ‘battlefield’